Dr. Healthnut (David Nico, PhD) is the face of health and premier leadership wellbeing expert. He's really not crazy, he just wants you to be healthy. As a global health communicator and upcoming author, he's observed how leaders allow their health to decline through poor lifestyle choices. There is hope! Once you understand the powers of health are readily available, you can take back your health in your life and organization.

The CEO of the healthcare consulting firm Nico Ventures®, Dr. Healthnut has invested thousands of hours coaching health professionals and organizational leaders with innovative and dynamic healthcare strategies that enhance longevity, effectiveness, and reduce healthcare costs. His lifestyle health expertise creates maximum return on investment in the preventive health and medical industry.

The premier Ambassador for the healthiest brands, Dr. Healthnut is on a mission to transform health globally. That's why he travels the world in search of the healthiest people, products, and services to receive the coveted Dr. Healthnut Seal. To learn more about partnering with Dr. Healthnut for your brand, organization, event, or project, please select Inquire and the appropriate category.